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Time is Fleeting ...

It's easy to think "We'll take family pictures next year" ... and then 5 or 10 or even 15 years have passed. Yet your kiddos go from toddling explorers to gradeschoolers to tweens to beyond. Seriously - where does the time go?

As moms, we take pictures of our kiddos every day ... but guess what, mom? You're often missing from those pics! Having family pictures taken provides you the opportunity to relax and have images captured of you acting & interacting with your sweet kiddos. Capturing moments & memories you will look back on over the years and be so glad that you took the time to create.

My own son loves to carry a picture of Nana & Grandpa around saying "Nana ... Gapo." It's a visual connection to family that lives out of town. And when he arrives at Nana's house? He often runs quickly to her little flip book of his pictures & looks through it. He does this throughout every visit - almost as if to assure himself "I belong here" .... it's so adorable.

A few questions you might want to know the answers to before you browse further:

"How long does a session last?" ... 2 hours-ish.

"How many outfits can I wear?" ... as many as you like.

"How many locations can I have?" Typically we allow 1 outfit/location ... it depends on how vast the wardrobe you bring is. :)