As you're shopping for a family portrait photographer, it can seem overwhelming. I get it. There are many people to look at, photos to consider. Then when it comes to pricing, everyone offers different products. It's a lot to take in! Especially if this is your first experience with senior portraits.

At Heartland Photography, I place a high value on the final, printed product. It is because I believe it is in our client's best interest to offer high quality, professionally printed products.

Others choose to be "shoot & burn" which means they take the pictures, and then dump the files into your lap and it's then your job to choose which pictures are your favorites, then sift through the myriad of printing/publishing options to do it all yourself. 

the importance of


Because we know senior year is busy and because we want you to have the best products possible, we don't do that. It's MY job to make sure YOU have the best products and experience you can possibly have, while enjoying the fleeting moments of your senior year.

Experience has shown me that while it might seem appealing to have digital files, the truth is that most people never - NOT EVER - have those files printed.

It is my goal to be sure you have a positive experience: beginning, middle and end. This means providing professional-quality products to you, and providing our service and experience throughout the process while providing you with products that suit your needs  both now and in the future.



what's included

~ Session (about 1 hour) in Salina, Kansas ~ Unlimited wardrobe / outfit changes
~ Private, in-person proofing & consultation session to assist in selecting the products that best suit your needs
~ Professionally retouched, final images & products
~ Online / social media photos to share


$150 - Salina (Weds - Sat)

Weekend sessions (Friday & Saturday) Subject to availability.

Minimum print/product order: $250 in addition to your sitting fee.

Sales tax applied to all sessions & orders.

At this time I am only accepting portrait sessions within a 30 mile radius of Salina, Kansas. Sessions outside of Salina incur a travel charge.

when to book

Sooner rather than later is ALWAYS best when booking your family portraits!

Fall is a popular time for sessions, and once school begins, schedules get busy and full FAST. We also have the potential to run into crazy weather, so I suggest we book in July or August for September or October dates.